How to prevent a trip to the hospital on Halloween night

Rachel Garcia, Reporter

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Halloween is the night that every kid dreams of. They get to act their age, dress up and best of all receive free candy. Now everyone has heard of not taking candy from a strangers hand, however, Halloween strongly contradicts that statement by gathering buckets and bags full of candy from them. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is as honest as we would like to believe. Over the years many kids have collected numerous of treats hidden with hazardous materials according to Kids have found needles, razor blades, shards of glass, staples and more in their candy.

Although children are so eager to eat their treats be a parent and take responsibility to check their candies before they consume them. No parent should ever rush to the emergency room because of the consumption of a sharp or poisonous object. Often times parents check the candy the moment their children receive them which can have some negatives to it. When it is dark outside people aren’t able to see whether a candy was open or not already as they just open the candy to check for obvious materials such as the ones listed above. When the candy wrapper is previously torn liquids can be injected into the candy which will not be visible to the human eye as the heinous person could have injected it with a needle.

Parents should take care of their children and their own health as much as possible. Some things to do is to check your kid’s candy when you safely arrive home. This allows you to inspect the treats in a well-lit area and a relaxed atmosphere as your children will be tired from all of the waking. Check to see if there are any tears or obvious objects in the candy and put them in another bag that can seal the candy. What many people miss are little holes that can be seen as a needle break through the treat. Remember that not everyone will be as nice as you think. Have fun on Halloween but take precautions to the candies that you let your children consume. Never assume that a candy is safe by the looks of it. Inspection is what can save you and your child’s life.


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