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Students are in love with this year’s AVID shirts

Priscilla Gonzales, Reporter

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New and amazing AVID shirts that Colton High School students will be wearing soon impressed everyone this year. To describe the shirts, they are grey and black with a Vans logo but instead saying “AVID” on the side. These new shirts will include an option where they can choose a short sleeve or a long sleeve. There have been many great reviews on these new shirts given by fellow Avid students.

One student mentioned, “They are way better than last years, the colors are really coordinated.” An AVID class with twenty-one students, said they all love the new designs given to them this year.  Jordan Sanchez mentioned, “These new shirts should be worn with pride.” Meaning all AVID students should wear the shirt when told to in order to show off that they are in this amazing academic class.

Given the opportunity to be proud of being selected in this class/club should feel great. That’s why all AVID representatives that voted on this new and cool design are really great designers. In my opinion, this is the way to show off Colton High School students’ academic success. Also, with prices on the selected clothing, it is not a lot. A shirt is under twenty dollars and a long sleeve a little above twenty. But to rest a sure, these will be an amazing addition to the AVID shirts of 2018-2019 school year.  

A few examples of where Avid students would wear them would be going on college field trips this year and for Colton pride each Friday of the week. A sophomore AVID student, Arianna, brings up, “Not only are we going to look good but we are going to show people we are a team.”

So far the reviews are great and we haven’t even received the shirts yet, but when we do, they will look fantastic. Colton pride is very important at this school; therefore, getting these pieces of clothing is a big deal for the Avid classes. Arianna states, “Good luck topping these shirts for next year.”

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Students are in love with this year’s AVID shirts