The safest school in America inspiring other schools to follow

Valentina Velarde, Reporter

Should High Schools in America be taking security seriously and protecting their students more? Southwestern high school in Indiana has spent over $400,000 making it very costly. Most districts spend no more than a couple thousand dollars on school security. I believe if schools, such as Southwestern High, placed in Indiana, will be willing to spend a quarter million dollars on school safety and are willing to keep students safe, the security system districts around the world and especially our district should be spending a little bit more on school security.

Schools like Southwestern have a high-tech security system which notifies their Sheriff’s Department when there is something happening. Southwestern’s security system includes things like windows (where you can’t see through), smoke cannons hidden in their ceilings, and many more including safety buttons which every teacher has access to in each classroom.

These security systems are mainly used to protect against mass shootings, like Columbine High School and Sandy Hook Elementary, there is plenty more but Southwestern was able to install these security systems because they want to make sure their students are safe. Sources say that schools are spending billions on great security and believe it is unnecessary to be spending that much money. Schools in other districts pay lots for over 100 cameras and smoke alarms and detectors. We need to protect the students, teachers, and faculty members. Tragedies are happening every day and it needs to stop.