Prom season opens with spirited fashion show

The theme and location for this year’s prom are unveiled with a prank, and the 10 King and Queen nominees are crowned

Elizabeth Hernandez, Pepper Bough Staff Writer

Colton, CALion King? Really?

At the culmination of this year’s Prom Fashion Show, held in the Rivera, ASB played an early April Fools joke on the senior class, announcing this year’s prom theme as “The Lion King.”

The announcement was greeted with dead silence, as this theme had been rumored in the last few days. Then hostesses Savanah Garcia, Grace Osueke, and Rosario Ornelas came together to share the real theme for this year’s event.

“Old Money, New Memories,” the junior ASB hosts shouted.

To go with this year’s theme, ASB announced that prom will be held at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on April 29. The Biltmore has a long history of hosting glamorous events, such as the Oscars, as well as serving as a hotel for royalty.

With all this excitement around prom, the Prom Court finalists were announced after the closing of voting on Thursday afternoon.

Finalists for King include Manuel Alonso, Jesse Ortiz, Yahir Rodriguez, Xavier Sandoval, and Colton Suchil.

The Queen finalists are Mercy Mgbemere, Jazmine Retamal, Joleena Silberman, Leslie Venegas, and Lesley Yanez.

Several of the Prom Court winners and nominees participated in this year’s fashion show among the 42 students who paraded down the runway.

Wearing suits and gowns provided by local rental businesses like Friar Tux and David’s Bridal, CHS’s seniors showed off some fashionable looks to make this year’s Prom memorable.

“It was my first time wearing a suit like this, it feels really nice to wear it,” said senior Ulises Castillo, who wore a burgundy velvet suit. ”I think I’m gonna get a suit like this. It’s really comfortable.”

Savanah Garcia, who hosted the event, agreed with Ulises. ”I felt really happy and pretty in the dress. It gave me inspiration for next year.”

Alessandra Bille was excited about her dress, but she has something else in mind for the big date. ”I just went with the theme, but I am going to get something else.”

The show featured pairs of students strutting down the runway to music DJ’d by Link Crew advisor, Michael Esquivel.The partners matched each other’s energies with their time in the spotlight. Leilloni Zesati and Axel Vasquez enjoyed their glamorous moments. Colton Suchil, Joleena SIlberman, and Denise Diaz threw money at the crowd, and Destiny Verduzco, Karisma Acosta, and Natalie Lopez whipped out the money guns to make it rain. And Gabriel Aparicio griddied down the stage while the crowd cheered.

Before her turn walking down the runway, senior Gabriela Flores said, “I feel a little nervous but I will do fine. I get to walk with my friends so I will just enjoy the moment.”

The assembly was put together to introduce prom attendees to fashion ideas, as well as advise them of the rules pertaining to prom fashion and conduct. After the student fashion show, the hosts shared out some do’s and don’ts for the prom. 

Students are advised to keep all bottles and beverages out of the venue; alcohol, weapons, and any smoking paraphernalia are prohibited.

To demonstrate the fashion “don’ts” for this year’s prom, members of the CHS staff walked the runway. The pairings included Calvin Cardenas and guidance counselor Daisy Ruiz; teachers Dawna Hughes and Yaquelin Montiel-Ramirez; nutritional service staff Bernadette Favela and Monica Thacker; teachers Holly Lacy and Janelly Casillas. The staff members showed students they are not allowed to wear loungewear, sports themed clothing, workwear, or swimwear to the event.

The 16 groups who walked the runway were: Axel Vasquez and Leiloni Zesati; Ulises Castillo, Jennifer Amaral and Leslie Venegas; Duke Medina, Alessandra Bille and Mercy Mgbemere; Colton Suchil, Joleena Silberman and Denise Diaz; Samay Ramachhita, Stephanie Alvarez, and Marissa Lopez; Dimitrius De La Torre and Katelynn De La Torre; Jesse Ortiz and Lesley Yanez; Destiny Verduzco, Natalie Lopez, and Karisma Acosta; Julio Jauregui and Gabby Flores; Carlos Soria, Rosalyn Contreras and Ruby Alvarez; Ethan Polo, Alize Rivera, and Arianna Hernandez; Gabriel Aparicio, Leilani Durham Perez and Ashley Baeza; Janet Perez Ramirez, Tiffany Ramirez Hernandez and Leslie Padilla Galvan; Vincent De Anda and Julia Romo; Andres Fragroso, Jamie Santos, and Dayanara Mendoza; Noah Limon and Vivian Guevara.