Sexta Generación gets Colton High students dancing in celebration of Hispanic Heritage

Local band brings together rival schools to honor common heritage


Sexta Generación (from left: Sergio Macias Duran of CHS, Ismael Martinez of GTHS, and Martin Perez Alvarez of CHS) play before the excited crowd of Colton High students during lunch on Thursday in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Colton, CA – On October 14th, local Banda group Sexta Generación played both lunches at Colton High to celebrate national Hispanic Heritage Month.

The concert, hosted by ASB, was held behind the McIntosh Gym on the basketball courts. Local restaurant Espinoza Market served up Mexican cuisine in conjunction with Colton Joint Unified School District’s Nutrition Services.

Students took to dancing as the music heated up during both lunches. The basketball courts crowded with twirling, whirling, and laughing students. School mascot, Yogi, showed up, pulling random kids out of the crowd to dance. Teachers came out on their lunch breaks to enjoy the celebration. Some, like Lucy Leyva, even joined in the dancing.

“So fun,” Leyva said about the event. “Two of those musicians are my students. I’m so proud of them!”

Sexta Generación is comprised of Sergio Macias Duran and Martin Perez Alvarez of Colton High and Ismael Martinez of Grand Terrace High. Many of the songs they performed consisted of popular Latin corridos

Martinez, lead guitarist, said he really enjoyed playing at Colton High School. He feels the positive culture Colton High School has built is due to its larger hispanic demographic compared to that of Grand Terrace.  

At Colton, he felt the students “understood the music, understood the culture.”

In addition to the music, food was served by Espinoza Market. They served delicious  taquitos, nachos, quesadillas, and agua frescas, happy to “give back to the community.”

Alexandra Buskirk, ASB coordinator, believes we should have more events celebrating hispanic heritage, especially here at Colton.

At Colton High School, 93% of the population identifies as Hispanic. 

For this reason, she feels it’s important for students to feel welcomed and appreciated for their heritage and culture.

During the event there was a connective feeling between the students, the band, and  the staff. This feeling being familia.

Students and staff found connection to songs they grew up with and could enjoy together.

Sexta Generación and Colton High School had a great time celebrating national Hispanic Heritage Month, and there is a possibility this will not be the last time Sexta Generación performs here this school year.