Everything We Know About Fruits Basket Season 3


Samantha Reynoso, Reporter

    The popular anime ‘Fruits Basket’ has announced its third and final season. ‘Fruits Basket’ is a slice of life/romance comedy anime that’s said to be one of the best romance animes with its immaculate plot. 

    The show was made in 2019 and is about a girl named Tohru Honda who ends up moving in with the Sohma family and learns the ‘Sohma Curse’ which is when some of the members of the Sohma family turn into the animals of the Chinese zodiac. 

    The show has an amazing art style, unexpected plot twists, great character development, and backstories. As of now, the third season is said to air on April 5 on FUNIMATION. On the show poster and trailers, we see that the main antagonist ‘Akiko’ will play a big part in this season and will be the main plot point of this season. 

    The show will also continue with its romance between the main characters Kyo and Tohru and not Yuki and Tohru like some fans wanted. Based on the trailer video we can also see that this final season looks to be very emotional and deep.