Orlando’s Super Nintendo World Delayed


Samantha Jimenez, Reporter

     In Universal Studios, Japan is Super Nintendo World! An area themed after the popular Super Mario franchise! Though for the time being, this area is only in Japan but there is one in Florida that is already in construction. Unfortunately, although it’s original release date was for 2023, it has been delayed for early 2025 thanks to COVID-19 putting a hold on it’s construction.

    Luckily though another Super Nintendo World is also in construction in Universal Studios Hollywood! It is said that the Super Nintendo World here in California will be open sooner than the others as it will be smaller than the one in Japan.

    The Super Nintendo World in Japan currently has two main attractions with those being a ‘Mario Kart’ themed ride and a ‘Yoshi’s Adventure’ themed ride. If you purchase an item known as a Power-Up Band you will be able to participate in all sorts of activities around the area including a boss battle with Bowser Jr! Though, it is unknown if any of these attractions won’t be added to the Super Nintendo World in Florida nor California.