Drag Race Taking Affirmative Actions To Provide Diversity

Armando Pablo, Reporter

    Rupaul’s Drag Race has taken the world by storm since it first aired back in 2009. Rupaul Charles the host of the iconic show crowned the first Drag Race Superstar, BeBe Zahara Benet who was a person of color. Since then, the majority of the hall of fame has been Cacausion queen’s. However, up until recently, the hall of fame has slightly redirected back to women of color which is sparking controversy. People started to noticed that there was a slight change in winners was when Allstars 4 crowned two winners for that season, Trinity Taylor (Caucasion) and Monet X Change (Black), after the last 3 winners where white, people assume that it was time to break the chain of no women of color winners to please the audience.

    Allstars season one through four had white or white presenting queens that have won and recently another white queen ended up tying with a queen of color, leading to speculation that WoWPResents did that to provide more diversity in the hall of fame. According to an article by Matthew Rodriguez, he states, “ After three seasons of All Stars, the Hall of Fame still lacks a black or Latinx all star. This season alone, three of the top four contestants were black, and Trixie Mattel triumphed over them all.” This began a controversy because people thought that Shanglea was robbed from winning because of a race factor against another colored queen.  

    Throughout the season the game has changed, statistically some winners that should have won due to challenge wins end up losing to someone with maybe just one win. In fact, on season 12 of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Brooke Lynn Hytes had a total of six wins and the winner of the season Yvie Oddly had a totally of 2 wins and by the looks of it statistically Brooke Lynn should have won but someone people felt like Yvie was the most deserving because the hall of fame lacked people of color.

    All in all, the judging has come down to the detail meaning that the competition is usually neck and neck. Since the show switched up the way they crown the winners I think there are more factors than just winning challenges but, how they represent themselves and the legacy of winners in the hall of fame.