Ariana Grande Getting Documentary On Netflix

Ariana Grande Getting Documentary On Netflix

Samantha Reynoso, Reporter

    Ariana Grande is an extremely talented singer and is one of the most popular female singers in the world right now. She has over 75 million monthly listeners on Spotify and has over 209 million followers on Instagram. According to Billboard Music Year End Top Female Artists, Ariana Grande is number 7. 

    On Tuesday December 8, Ariana began to tease her fans on Instagram giving hints that she would be releasing something with Netflix soon. The official Netflix Twitter followed in her steps tweeting “Excuse me, I love you” straight from Ariana’s popular song “R.E.M.” On December 9th, Ariana went on Instagram and Twitter and confirmed that she was getting a documentary on Netflix called “excuse me, i love you” that would be released on December 21st. 

    Netflix also confirmed this on Twitter. This documentary is going to surround Ariana’s “Sweetener” world tour that was from March 18 to December 22, 2019. The tour got its name from Ariana’s “Sweetener” album that was released back in 2018. 

    On December 10, Ariana released a small trailer of the documentary to her Instagram account that got over 7 million views. Not only will she be getting a documentary on Netflix but Ariana made a post on Instagram confirming that not only will the movie be released on the 21st but there will also be Ariana Grande profile icons on the Netflix app.