Given The Movie Going To Crunchyroll In 2021


Samantha Reynoso, Reporter

    For the people who don’t know about the show Given, the show is a BL (boys love) anime that is 12 episodes long. It’s based off of the popular manga series “Given”. The actual show is about an amature band that has 4 members; the vocalist Mafuyu Satō , electric guitarists Ritsuka Uenoyama, bassist Haruki Nakaya ,and the drummer Akihiko Kaji. In the show Mafyuu had been holding onto a broken guitar that belonged to his ex boyfriend (Yuki Yoshida) who after an argument they had, committed suicide. When arguing, Mafyuu had said “Are you willing to die for me, then?!” Yuki had taken the comment seriously and acted. 

    Mafyuu had never gotten over Yuki’s death, so Mafuyu would take Yuki’s guitar everywhere even though he didn’t know how to play. One day, Mafuyu meets Uenoyama and he decides to fix the broken strings on Mafuyu guitar. Uenoyama eventually begins to give Mafyuu guitar lessons. While giving Mafuyu guitar lessons, Uenoyama rekindles his love for playing guitar because he tries to teach himself how to play a song that Mafuyu always hums.

    Uenoyama and Mafuyu begin to grow mutual feelings for each other. In episode 9, the band makes their debut and Mafuyu sings the song “Fuyo no Hanashi” a sad love song about Yuki. In the song, Mafuyu says things like “Your everything has lost its tomorrow, and is now wandering eternally along with me, who was unable to say goodbye or move one” and “Two people who were always together are torn apart”. The show is amazing but the show has gotten a movie. Many fans were excited about a movie for the show but were disappointed when they found out that it was only going to be available in Japan. However, this year, Crunchyroll has announced that the Given Movie is going to be able to be streamed on Crunchyroll in 2021.