Student risks life to save classmates in school shooting

Valentina Velarde, Reporter

May 7th, 2019 at 1:54 pm, dispatchers were alerted of a school shooting. Colorado STEM Highlands Ranch school has reported that 8 of their students have been injured and one is dead. 18 year old Kendrick Castillo died trying to stop one of the gunmen. “He died a hero” says his classmates. 2 of the gunmen remain in custody after the incident.

Devon Erickson, was one of the two STEM School Highlands Ranch students were detained with the shooting alongside another female who was detained. Erickson faces 28 charges, including murder and 25 counts of first degree attempted murder

”Students from the #STEM shooting in Colorado stormed out of a rally organized by gun-control advocates Wednesday night after growing angry about the politicization of their trauma.” says trevor hughes. After the incident the survivors and many other people claim that this whole incident was a political stunt.

Kendrick’s close friend, Brooke, decided to speak up after the shooting saying that everyone is more focused on gun control, avoiding the fact that Castillo died trying to save his classmates, and honestly reading this story I couldn’t agree more.

Many of the students from the school decided to speak up about the issues, the school is even receiving hate with one senior saying “STEM is definitely a nerd school.” There is still some in the hospital after being injured but are said to be let free soon. According to New York Times, school shootings from 1970-2019 have only racked up in death of students. From Parkland, Columbine, and Sandy Hook, every year the number of deaths only add up and they all become worse. Most of the shooters were either from white boys, or young white men, and only 16 others were from another decent.

But luckily the outcome only came to one,  Kendrick Castillo, the graduate from Stem Highlands Ranch will forever be remembered in Highland Ranch. A memorial for Castillo is set to be held Wednesday 5/15, for the remembrance of Castillo, a hero.