PS4 faces a large new update

PS4 faces a large new update

David Sanchez, Reporter

The PS4, or PlayStation 4, is a gaming console that just got a big update. The update finally included a remote play for IOS devices. Remote play allows you to play on your phone or other devices. Although the dual shock controller was not compatible with the IOS phones, this is still huge because you can play with the on-screen controller. This feature has been on Android for four years but is now with IOS which is a pretty exciting thing to think of.

An article online from a comic book says that Sony revealed new PS4 games from Chinese developers. All of these games are part of the China Hero Project which Sony is doing to help expand the development place in China and to make the games worldwide. The first game is AI-LIMIT; it is said to be a hardcore action role-playing game. In it, you play as the heroine (female hero) to stop a force that threatens the world. As most would expect, there are huge amounts of weapons for everyone to find their playstyle and you can customize your characters with other components to add new abilities. It will have a story and multiple endings.

The second game is ANNO: Mutationem. It has a very interesting title in my opinion. Another hardcore action game with cyberpunk and pixel art style. Not much is said about this game.

F.I.S.T. is the third game. You play as a rabbit with a mech suit that can control his big robot hand for attacking. The world is taken over by a robot army. The map will be big for the player to find items and NPCs (non-player characters).

Nightmare is a dark fairytale game about exploring the growing pains and self- salvation. A dark, but very interesting theme. The player is in a dream world with no rules.

Evotinction is a stealth game that is the third person. It goes with the goal of talking about the relationship between extinction and evolution. It is a game about how far technology and species will go.

Lostland is the sixth game and it is an online multiplayer game that is in the 17th century.

The last game is Convallaria, an online game that has player vs player and player vs environment.