Pokemon Go game updates

David Sanchez, Reporter

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The popular Pokemon game Pokemon Go seems to have a big update coming. The gen 4 pokemon are expected to come in the next 48 hrs. Fans are waiting for the news of the next community day pokemon for November, October was the starter for gen 2 cyndaquil fire type pokemon. So far Niantic has not shared any information regarding the date or the pokemon that will star in the upcoming community day. News of the community days usually shared by Niantic a week after the current one finishes.

The community of Pokemon Go is speculating that the update will bring a new item with the gen four pokemon the Sinnoh stone. The description of the stone is that it is a special stone originally found in the Sinnoh region that can make certain species of pokemon evolve it is also very tough and has a beautiful sheen. The thing that makes this item very special is that it has never actually been in any game of pokemon by Game Freak. The item has been in fan-made games of pokemon. Personally, I think this item will not be in the game when the update comes just because of the fact that it has never been in any of the Game Freak games. If it does make it in the game I will be very surprised and curious about what pokemon it evolves.


After a week of waiting news has not been given out of the community day some fans think that the event for December has been canceled. Thankfully that isn’t the case. Niantic support has told a fan that the announcement has just been delayed. The update for pokemon go has come out and all the new gen 4 pokemon are out. Some of the new pokemon are the evolution of already existing pokemon and some need the new item the Sinnoh stone. The way to acquire this new stone is very simple. All you need to do is complete a weekly breakthrough which takes seven task you can only get one stamp a day which you need seven. The pokemon you will get for the breakthrough along with the stone is a Shedinja.


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