Rising tensions of a third world war

David Sanchez, Reporter

Kim Jong-un, the North Korea dictator, says he does not have plans to take steps towards denuclearization. Jong-un is waiting for a response for the United States to respond on the steps he has already taken. Kremlin loyalist and speaker, Valentina  Matvienko met the Dictator in Pyongyang on Saturday. Ms Matvienko says he was polite in regards of the US President. She says Jong-un hoped for Russian backing in and weakening the United States sanctions for fear of World War 3. His refusal to scrap nuclear weapons came as President Vladimir Putin invited him to Russia. North Korean dictator and Donald Trump seem to have made a deal to denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula earlier this year. But it seems Jong-un has not destroyed his nuclear launch site causing fear of new missile test. North Korea’s watchdog 38 North says the image from a satellite Sohae in August had no signs of any sort of dismantlement. North Korea showed off its military strength last weekend for the founding of the nation.

    Article 9 of the Constitution taken literally will ban maintenance of armed forces but will still allow military for self defence. President Trump is preparing for a second meeting with the Korean dictator after a message from the despotic leader.

    President Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Sanders, says Trump got a “very warm, very positive letter” from the dictator. The military parade in Pyongyang on Sunday is a small step towards denuclearization because it did not have any long range nuclear weapons or missiles.