How the MCAT plays an important role in a medical student’s career

Valentina Velarde, Reporter

Trying to be in the medical field? Here are the required scores for the MCAT (Medical college admission test). The medical college admission test is a standard multiple choice examination which is made to test your own knowledge in the medical field such as things as critical thinking, problem-solving and knowledge of natural, behavioral, social science, etc

This examination is usually taken in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the Caribbean islands. You should have time to study so that you feel the most prepared to take this test. You can take the MCAT test whenever you feel ready. Some students like to take their examination during the same year they chose on applying to the medical school of their choosing. For example, if you plan on attending medical school in fall 2019, you should take your exam in 2018.

Another thing you should think about before taking this test is “Am I going to be taking this exam more than once?” Many examiners need to take their MCAT more than once or take it another time just in case. Here is the reason why you should really prepare and or study hard for this exam. Believe it or not, if you plan on going to medical school and plan on taking this exam, you should know that every medical school checks your exam and most definitely check your scores. As you plan on taking your exam to be sure to talk to a pre-health advisor or a faculty member to help you plan and prepare.

Now onto the scoring part of these examinations. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges in 2011, the 86,181 people who took the exam got a 25.1 with a standard deviation of 6.4. In 2018, a 99 percentile used to be a score of 38 and now is 521-52, while an 80 percentile that used to be a score of 31 and is now 510-512. A percentile of a 55 used to be the score of 26 and the new score is 502, and finally, one percentile you don’t want is 1 that score used to be 8-9 and is now the score of 476-477.

The average score for matriculants is 509 and the average score for every test taker is 504, but in addition every medical school has their own score average. All in all, in order to pass you need a percentile of 67 but it’s better to pass with a percentile of 99.