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Horrifying voicemail goes viral on Twitter

Rebeca Escamilla, Reporter

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Recently, a user named Tyler on Twitter received a disturbing voicemail. It starts off saying “SIERRA DELTA ALFA NOVEMBER” and these are a series of words called Nato Phonetic Alphabet. The user then translated the message revealing, “S DANGER SOS IT IS DIRE FOR YOU TO EVACUATE. BE CAUTIOUS. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN.”

The voicemail also revealed a series of numbers. When you type in the numbers into Google, it reveals coordinates very close to Malaysia, near the location Malaysian flight 370 lost contact and disappeared back in March of 2014. After posting the disturbing voicemail on Twitter, Tyler began receiving direct messages in other languages and in morse code. Someone translated the Morse code and it said this “THEY ARE TAKING OVER 418181 (April 18th, 2018)- which also was the date that many believed to be the end of humanity. If you really think about it; how does a huge plane disappear like that?

Another user pointed out, “What if you are hearing the black box recordings??” Black box recordings record everything going on in the cockpit of the plane in case of an emergency such as a plane crashes or a hijacking. In these cases, the authorities and airline have evidence. A twitter user Uzumaki replied saying “A black box recording recorded the last interactions with the plane. THAT’S WHY ITS AN SOS AND SAVE OUR SHIP. IT WAS TRYING TO WARN US also a black box records flight info. That’s why it gives coordinates”. Someone else said “If these black box recordings match the voicemail. Are they saying that the Malaysian Flight 370 encountered something nonhuman??” Uzumaki replied “message was saying to evacuate because “they are not human” something/someone on that plane wasn’t human.” There is an endless amount of possibilities for what is going on…what do you think?

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Horrifying voicemail goes viral on Twitter