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Diddy Offers Young Model a Million Dollar Contract

Zaria Espinoza, Reporter

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H&M is now being criticized after a picture went viral of a young African-American boy modeling a shirt that said “coolest monkey in the jungle”. Racism is already a controversial topic, and for many people to see a picture like this, it raised a lot of problems for the company. Many artists that had planned to do business with H&M cut their ties, as well as many artists that were already with doing business with them. They don’t want to be seen as a supporter of this kind of behavior. The rapper, Diddy, took it to a whole other level, in this case. He offer the young model, shown in that viral picture, a million dollar modeling contract with Sean John. Now, Sean John is a men’s sportswear line created by Sean Combs, who we know as Diddy. Some agree with what Diddy did, but many other people think it is just a waste of time and money. People are actually criticizing the parents, saying that if they really cared they would have told H&M that they didn’t want their son in that shirt. That the parents don’t care what their son wears as long as they get paid. Some people are even saying that they knew the shirt would spark a problem and they were seeking attention and more money. Despite all that is being said, Diddy is still offering the young model that million dollar contract. There is no word on if he accepted it or not. In some eyes, Diddy did the right thing. In others, he is wasting his time.

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Diddy Offers Young Model a Million Dollar Contract