Volcanic Eruption Causes Trouble in Bali

Rebeca Escamilla, Reporter

On November 27th, many residents and tourists had to evacuate due to volcanic eruption in Bali, Indonesia which caused flights at the airport to be delayed, and forced tourists to stay an extra day in Bali. The volcano eruption was a threat to tourists, villages, and towns. According to The Washington Post, the volcano has a deadly history. The island of Bali had ash drifting nearly five miles into the atmosphere and the volcano cause the airport to close for 48 hours. According to The Washington Post, authorities have told 100,000 people to leave an area that was 6 miles away from Mount Agung. The volcano’s last eruption in 1963 killed about 1,100 people. They said it is unclear to see how bad this situation will get. Nearly 40,000 people are staying in 225 shelters, but many of the villagers are staying in their homes because they feel safe, or they don’t want to abandon their farms. Richard Arculus, a volcano expert at ANU (Australian National University) said that flows of volcanic mud has been spotted on Agung’s slopes, and more flows are possible due to the rainy season.