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Seniors, it’s time to take the next step toward college

Abigail Humphrey, Reporter

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In the 2015-2016 school year, Colton High School sent 18% of graduating seniors to universities. This year the school will send off a new batch of fresh-faced, wide-eyed students to an array of different colleges. However there are a few crucial steps every student must take before they can nervously (and excitedly) attend their first day of classes.

Shortly after receiving your acceptance letters, each school should send you an award letter. Some schools send this electronically, while others send it by mail. It may benefit you to consider and compare each package when thinking about choosing a college. If you have not received your award letter, contact the school’s financial aid office to see what could be causing the delay.

Most schools require a placement test for Math and an English or Writing Test. Testing dates and locations can usually be found on each university’s website, but keep in mind, the exams need to be taken as soon as possible.

After choosing the school you will attend, submit your commitment fee to your school by the National Commitment Day, May 1. The cost of the commitment fee varies by school. At this time your school may ask you to sign a SIR, meaning Statement of Intent to Register.

If you are planning to live on campus, you will also need to submit a housing deposit and fill out a housing application. Many schools give priority to students who submit the application by May 1, so make sure the application is complete as soon as possible if you are planning to live on campus.

After these other steps are complete, sign up for your school’s orientation. Orientation is a great opportunity to meet other students, become familiar with the campus and faculty, learn campus traditions, and register for classes.

These steps are common among most colleges, but some colleges may host additional events or have more steps to be taken before school begins. If you have any questions about your specific college, it may be helpful to email or call them.

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Keeping Colton High School informed and entertained since 1917
Seniors, it’s time to take the next step toward college