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America somewhat welcomes the 45th president

Abigail Humphrey, Reporter

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America’s 45th President Donald J. Trump took his oath of office on January 20 at noon. Much of Trump’s campaign sparked controversy across the nation in past months. Trump’s claims that climate change is a hoax started by the Chinese, plans to build a wall, and to repeal the Affordable Care Act has had the nation in a constant state of debate and uproar.

This disagreement amongst the nation did not end on election day, but has picked up momentum in the time since.

January 19, the night before inauguration day, protests and riots broke out across the nation, primarily in D.C. Protests in D.C. began peacefully that evening with one interest group marching down 14th street to take a stand against fascism. However later in the evening, full on anti-Trump riots broke out in various parts of the nation’s capital as people took to setting trash cans and cars ablaze.

The crowd for the inauguration was filled with both Trump supporters and protesters. While in line for the inauguration, people held up signs saying “F*** Trump” and “Lock him up.” Much of the crowd cheered for the protester’s signs, but when Trump’s motorcade drove by, the nation’s new president got mixed reactions.

However the inauguration itself had a much different vibe. The swearing in ceremony felt much like attending a funeral at times. “The Donald” already carried himself differently; his facial expression looked like he was stressed and uneasy through most of the ceremony. Melania Trump stood next to her husband looking dejected as he took his oath.

Trump then delivered his inaugural address which has since faced criticism for being contradictory. In his speech President Trump says, “It belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across America. This is your day…And this, the United States of America, is your country.” However many people still don’t trust Trump because of his rhetoric on the campaign trail and on Twitter. In CNN’s situation room, Trump reported that Latinos were “doing the raping,” which makes it difficult for minorities to trust him today.

After the inaugural address a prayer was said, the national anthem was performed,  and people were dismissed from their seats. Then our beloved 44th President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama walked up the steps of Marine One and waved goodbye to the people. The chopper then lifted from behind the Capitol and flew to California.

The following day, the largest inaugural protest in US history took place. Women’s March in Washington had approximately 500,000 people fill the streets of D.C., greatly surpassing the estimated 160,000 people at Trump’s inauguration. Many people felt Trump’s election validated hate groups, so the Women’s March was intended to counter that. People marched to raise awareness for the inequality that still exists between men and women and to support minorities and immigrants in their fight for fair treatment and equality. This march invited discussion regarding the Affordable Care Act, Roe vs Wade, public education, and many other civic issues. One protester said this rally was crucial because “White supremacists and men have not experienced backlash for their behavior before.” Although Trump and supporters may dispute this, one thing is made clear- “nasty women”  and men have united with the purpose of defending civil liberties, and they are not going to back down.

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America somewhat welcomes the 45th president