Mock trial receives generous support from George’s Shell!


Rickey Ramirez, Reporter

Look at that big CHECK! George’s Shell in Fontana has recently granted a $1,500 check to the Colton High School Mock Trial Club.

“What is mock trial?” you might ask, well Colton High mock trial teacher, Lucy Leyva, says “Mock trial is a group of students that come together and argue cases at the county court against 30+ high schools around the area.”

The mock trial class started the “Mock Trial Scholarship Fund” this year wanting only $500 for the class but Leyva “upped the ante” and ultimately ended up with $1,500. Leyva hopes to end up with $3,000 to award in scholarship funds by the end of this year, 2015.

As easy as the “charity” sounds, Leyva’s students had to fill an application that was “heavily graded”. The application included an essay that described the need of mock trial on the campus and how mock trial has helped the class so far and/or how it affected the students individually. But before all of this, Facebook was the first step to helping them get this check. Leyva was friends with George’s Shell on Facebook and the company seen Leyva’s posts of the type of things the students were doing in the class. The owners of George’s Shell found the work of the students inspiring and said,“Students came in during break, on weekends, after school, and at night, and we were touched, moved, and inspired by the efforts put in by the students.”

Leyva’s reaction to receiving this award was close to priceless. She says, “My reaction was like “Whoop whoop!” I was really excited and it was inspirational. It was the right step into the direction of greatness.” The kind gesture and generosity of the owners of George’s Shell is greatly appreciated by the Colton High Mock Trial Club. Congratulations to the students involved in the class as well as Leyva for their hard work!