UCR Students Take a Stand Against Rising Tuition Costs


Kimberly Hernandez, Staff Writer

Students at the University of Riverside are fighting for what they believe is the right thing; not paying more than what they need to towards tuition. The cost to attend a UC school has now quadrupled since 2001, and continues to rise higher with each year. Student Chris LoCascio says, “Charging students when they’re making money just makes sense.” Students are already paying so much towards other expenses in life, as well as trying to keep up with two or more jobs to make a decent amount. All to pay more than what they should have to pay in order to make it farther in life? It just doesn’t make sense. Chris also stated, “It’s really surprising to me that this hasn’t been pursued, at least here in the United States.” If this continues, what will college tuition across the country look like in 10 years?

The students at the university have now come up with a new tuition plan, that will hopefully help students get the education they need, and help the universities to get the money to pay for that education. Their plan consists of eliminating college costs while attending, then having the working graduates pay five percent of their salary each year, for the next twenty years.

Paying for tuition as a graduate is a big help, both for the students and the school. More high school graduates will look forward to attending college and actually graduate. A study shows that only about 70 percent of college attendants graduate and receive their diploma. The majority of the students drop out because it gets too expensive and “they can’t afford to pay for it,” when in reality, there are ways to pay for everything; it just takes sacrifice, at times.

If all goes well, a new plan will come into play for all UC schools to better the students and their costs. Education is something everyone needs, but with tuitions rising each year it is becoming harder and harder each time, to obtain a well-paid education and continue a stable life. Students, speak out and stand up; it’s your right. And we all have a say in what isn’t fair.