Colton High Welcomes New Vice Principal

Kimberly Hernandez, Staff Writer

Colton High School kicked off second semester with a new vice principal; Mr. Trevarthen. Previously Bloomington High School’s vice principal, Trevarthen is going into his eighth year as a vice principal, and starting it off with us during this school year. Education has always captured his attention.  He began his career as a special education and science teacher seven years ago. Watching students engage in learning is what he loves the most about his job. “I love to see the light bulb go on,” Trevarthen says referring to students, “that shows how much potential they have.”
“The thing I like the most about this school is the tradition that has carried on. Colton High School has many activities on campus, and is very involved with students and teachers.” Mr. Trevarthen also went on to say that the students are very focused and respectful. He is very pleased with that our school, students and teachers run the campus in a very respectful way.
Mr. Trevarthen has the same philosophy as Mrs. Corridan; he agrees with all the new improvement strategies and ideas she has come up with. His main goal is to help the seniors graduate and continue their education. Mr. Trevarthen is a very kind, funny man, whose personality is sure to brighten up anyone’s day! We look forward to many years with Mr. Trevarthen at Colton High School, and we welcome him with full excitement and open minds to his ideas for the future.