Colton High “Fact of the Day” – Nov. 20


Christina Beeson was married in a double ceremony in 1936 alongside colleague Blossom Mills. Ms. Beeson, then Davies (inset), left Colton High when her new husband was stationed in New Orleans by the U.S. Navy.

Colton High School opened in 1895. It is one of the oldest high schools in the Inland Empire. In this daily feature, we celebrate Colton High’s rich history.

Christina Beeson is a celebrated figure in Colton High School history, but did you know she got married in a double wedding ceremony? Alongside another Colton High teacher?

Going by her then maiden name, Davies, Beeson married Kenneth H. Beeson in 1936. They were married in Las Vegas in a double ceremony which included Ms. Blossom Mills, who soon after became Blossom George.

In 1939, Beeson’s husband received a commission in the U.S Navy. After two years stationed in New Orleans, Beeson returned to Colton High, where she remained as English teacher and Pepper Bough adviser until her retirement in 1980.