Colton High welcomes new Economics/World History teacher


Yajaira Alvarado

Ms. Yaquelin Montiel, once reading these whiteboards at CHS, is now writing on one in preparation for her students.

Yajaira Alvarado, Pepper Bough Staff Writer

Colton, Ca—Ms. Yaquelin Montiel was once a student at Colton High School. Now she is a teacher. 

This kind, charismatic teacher now shares her love for world history and economics with Colton’s students. She wants to serve the Colton community because she is a product of it.

“Kindness is a choice,” she said. This, she believes, is reflected in the students and staff at Colton High. 

That kindness, she believes, is due to the fact that “our community is very inclusive” and that “we have a lot of pride in our school and the community.” She is proud to represent the Colton community. 

Ms. Montiel always wanted to be a teacher. One of the best things that happened to her this year was getting to greet her first period class on the first day of school. 

What made her choose to pursue a career in history was one of her former teachers in U.S. history. “He always made history fun and interesting,” she said.

Ms. Montiel hopes to one day make an impact on her student’s life like her teacher did for her.