Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” recreated as Lego Set!

Van Gogh's

Samantha Jimenez

The most famous painting in the world, Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, will soon be able to be recreated in a 1,552-piece Lego set!


The idea for this Lego set was sent by 25-year-old Phd student Truman Cheng who submitted the idea to Lego Ideas, which is a website that has fans of the block toys share ideas for future Lego sets. If a project gets around 10,000 votes from the public then it’ll go into a review process and possibly be chosen by the company to be an official set with the original creator of the set getting one percent of the profit.


“One day, I was just playing with Lego parts, and I realized stacking Lego plates together in random intervals looks a lot like Van Gogh’s iconic brush strokes,” Cheng told Lego Ideas.


The set will have 1,552 pieces with a Lego figure of the Dutch painter complete with an easel and canvas with the famous painting on them.