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Teacher of the Week – Tapia

Zaria Espinoza, Reporter

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– Ms. Candice Tapia, the new English teacher at Colton High School. She is a fresh, young face and she is easy to get along with. We stopped by her classroom to get the inside scoop on her first year teaching at CHS.


Q: The first year is coming to a close, how was your first official year being an official full time teacher?

A:My first year has been great! I have learned a lot about my teaching style and my students who have a lot of fun but have also learned a lot too.


Q: Have you have any troubles this year?

A: There are no problems that I can recall.


Q: Would you say you get along with your co-workers

A: All of my coworkers are great and I would say I get along with pretty much everyone.


Q: Is there a favorite class you have?

A: My favorite period has been all of them, because they are all unique and great students.


Q: If they give you an option, is there a certain grade level you would like to teach?

A: I really enjoy teaching freshman because i am able to see how much they grow academically and individually.


Q: What would you like to do differently this year?

A: As of right now, I am not too sure, but I know I definitely want to maintain a fun and safe learning environment.


Ms. Tapia is not only a teacher, but she is has been the CHS Girls Basketball coach for 2 years and counting. We wish Ms. Tapia a good rest of the year. We hope she has a great time teaching in the years to come and a good time coaching the basketball girls.

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Teacher of the Week – Tapia