2018’s upcoming musicians soar with new releases

Rickey Ramirez, Managing Editor

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Ever since the internet’s invention, musical artists have been able to expand their audiences and with music streaming websites that are available to the artists as a platform to upload such as Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube, chances of exposure have been more prevalent. Though the exposure is much more common now, artists are able to be independent in the music industry, gain a large following, and use their exposure to connect with other artists and managers. Independent artists that popped-off in 2017 from music streaming websites and hit the mainstream are Trippie Redd, Tekashi 69, and Redland’s own, Lil Xan. Local artists that will make noise in 2018 are Gaps and Dedboi.


Malik Taylor, a.k.a Dedboi, is a local rapper that has gained popularity throughout the last year. Dedboi emerged from San Diego but is currently in the Inland Empire making music and plans to get rich off of it. Over 20,000 streams have been on his account showing potential as a successful independent artist. Stepping away from conformity, Dedboi finds following a career in music to be fun and convenient. Though a rapper, Dedboi isn’t being influenced much by rap music due to him listening mostly to rock music. Rappers he does take interest in are his friends’ music, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Tracy. Dedboi has an EP set to release in February, 2018 which could be checked out on soundcloud at:



Tristen Newman, a.k.a Gaps, is another rapper hailing from from Redlands, California and surprisingly enough, he knows Lil Xan. Gaps’ first upload to Soundcloud, around 4 months ago, was FRONT SEAT ft. Lil Xan. Gaps also works with Dedboi as he features on Dedboi’s track, LOW. Gaps has over 80,000 streams on soundcloud showing the large following he’s gained in a short amount of time. Gap’s has never liked one genre specifically and is open to all music as long as it isn’t “complete garbage.” Gaps reveals that there will be a show in February in which he, Dedboi, and other artists will perform in Santa Ana. His music can can be listened to at:


The future of music will rely heavily on independent artists and their followings.

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