Welding Club invites students to learn about an exciting career path


J. Dollins

Israel Galindo (grade 11) works on a project in the metal shop after school in the Welding Club.

Briana McMullen, Pepper Bough Staff Writer

Colton High’s Welding Club introduces you to the basics of welding. It is part of the Welding Pathway, an academic program that helps students enter the welding field straight out of high school.

For those unfamiliar, welding is “sewing with metal.” It is a fabrication process that joins materials.

The Welding Club is beneficial if you are interested in getting a job in the welding industry. Anyone interested can join.

During the meetings, students learn the fundamentals of welding such as essential vocabulary, safety procedures, and welding techniques. Students must pass a test in order to pick up and use welding equipment.

Students involved with this club have the opportunity to compete in Skills USA events.

Meetings are every Tuesday from 2:30-3:00. The club meets in the metal shop, room 509.

If you are interested in joining the Welding Club contact Launa Kennedy or Andrew Vidal.