Holidays arrive for Animal Crossings: New Horizon

Holidays arrive for Animal Crossings: New Horizon

Samantha Jimenez

The most wondrous time of the year is on it’s way to Animal Crossing New Horizons with it’s latest update! Time to see what will be in store for us for this merry holiday!


Now first off is the biggest part of the update which is the Toy Day event held by Jingle, the black nosed reindeer of December 24th where you’ll go around your island and deliver presents to your villagers! Also it’s important to note that Today will be locked onto real world time meaning that no time travelers can have an early experience of the event. 


There are also a few requirements to access the Toy Day event. First is that you get the Winter update, second is that you link your user profile with your Nintendo account, third is that you’re Resident Services must be upgraded from a tent to a building, fourth is that you have to have your games time and date match the real world’s time and date, fifth is that you need a mini update for you’re game. If the version near the title screen says “1.6.0c” then you can experience the Toy Day event.


The second part of the update is that there are now new reactions and hair styles! Unlike the other reactions you can exchange Nook Miles to get these reactions! You’ll be able to sit down, wave goodbye, work out, yoga pose and more! You can also now upgrade your home storage from 1,600 to 2,400. Additionally there will be another new update coming to us in late January!