Players Pay for Iconic “Oof” sound in Roblox

Players Pay for Iconic

Samantha Jimenez

All Roblox know and love the “Oof” sound that plays whenever their character dies. The “Oof” sound has been a memorable part of Roblox for fourteen years! But due to some copyright issues that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere players will have to now buy that famous “Oof” sound effect.


Tommy Tallarico is the creator of the “Oof” sound, but he didn’t make it for Roblox. Originally the “Oof” sound was a part of a game released in the year 2000 called Messiah. The sound can be heard in Messiah when a baby angel is thrown out of a building on the moon. When the angel hits the floor it says the legendary “Oof” sound.


After it was discovered that Roblox took the “Oof” without any permission, Tallarico filed a copyright dispute with Roblox. 


Now in the end of November the “Oof” sound will be temporarily gone. It is important to note that not every single player will have to pay for the sound but rather only the players that create games on Roblox. They will have to pay $1 for the “Oof” sound or have to use the default sound effect that Roblox is making right now.