Among Us Update!!

Among Us Update!!

Samantha Jimenez


Recently Among Us players have been gifted by the developers latest update to the game! So what changers are there? Let’s find out!


Well one important thing is that the game is now easier for people who are colorblind! Since in characters in Among Us main physical traits are the colors of their space suits it’s hard for colorblind people to tell players apart. Luckily the developers made it slightly easier in this update by now showing the players hats during meetings. It’s also important to note that the wires tasked, that have players attached different colored wires to the wires with the same color, have also been changed with symbols at the end of the wires to show which wires should be connected.


Another important feature is that there are now two new features hosts can toggle while in the games’ waiting room. One of them being anonymous voting where until the usually voting that shows which voted for who the character ions will all be grey so you won’t be able to tell who voted for you for venting. 


The second is how the task bar moves! The task bar is something that tells players how many tasks are left for the Crewmates to win the game. If all the Crewmates finish all their tasks before they are outnumbered by the Imposters the Crewmates win. However with the new features it gives the options of the task bar not being shown at all or only go up after meetings.