New Stranger Things Teaser Trailer


Samantha Reynoso, Reporter

The hit show on Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ has become one of the biggest shows on Netflix of all time. The popular show released its first season in 2016 and gained a massive fanbase. The show ran up to 3 seasons, until it was announced that the last season would be the 4th one. Many fans were sad that the show would be ending, but were eager for the new season. Last week a teaser trailer was released and fans were ecstatic. This new season left many fans with ideas of what the next season could be about, since the plot hasn’t been released yet. There is no official release date for the last season, but many fans suspect that this season will take a while to film, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There have also been photo leaks of the set, so we know that actors, Millie Bobby Brown who played 11, Finn Wolfhard who played Mike, and other main actors will return to the show for the next season.