What have teens been doing during lockdown?

Celeste Segura, Reporter

What are teens doing during lockdown is the question. Since lockdown began no one was able to go out as one wanted so I asked teens what they were doing whether it was staying home or going out but social distancing. I collected all the information to get the total percentage of each activity. The activities were: binge watching Netflix, watching TikTok, hiking/camping or other.

For others the activities that were somewhat common were Baking drawing, playing an instrument and studying/working. But of course the most common activity was Binge watching Netflix The Most common shows that were watched on Netflix were The Umbrella Academy, Outer Banks Never Have I Ever and Tiger King. The most popular movie of 2020 on Netflix for teens was The Old Guard, All the bright places The Kissing booth 2 and Work it. Those were the top shows teens watched at the start of quarantine till the date. The least common activity was hiking/camping people are still quarantine themselves or everyone rather stay home and watch Netflix.