“My Hero Academia,” popular Anime, wows its fans with Season 2

Rickey Ramirez, Reporter

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Boku no Hīrō Akademia (or more commonly known as My Hero Academia) is a hot and popular anime that was released in July 2014 as a manga on Weekly Shonen Jump. This is the publication of manga anthology that was written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. My Hero Academia was first released as an anime on October 3, 2016 and since then has been many people’s weekly ritual.

My Hero Academia takes place in Japan where it’s not so uncommon to be born with superhuman abilities- or as they call it, quirks. Midoriya is born quirkless but after watching many superheroes, becoming a hero is his dream. Midoriya looks up to the “number one hero” All-Might and is rivals with Bakugo, a childhood friend. After training with All-Might, he then gains a quirk known as One-for-All.

Season 2 has been a rollercoaster for fans as their favorite characters face off in battles. My Hero Academia is a great anime that inspires people, especially because of the relatable main character. It’s a show that the most casual of anime watchers will enjoy. It’s not just a good anime, it’s a good show in general. It’s no question that I’d recommend this show.

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