Evil Genius Documentary

Armando Pablo

    Two words, “Evil Genius”. This amazing documentary series is like watching an actual game of cat and mouse! “Evil Genius” is a documentary about Marjorie Diehl Armstrong and the well known Bank heist “The Pizza Bomber”, back in 2002. This docu series will have your mind scrambled trying to piece together the puzzle to this crime and your eyes will be glued to the screen. So don’t blink, you might miss an important clue in this series of Evil Genius. As the documentary opens we are welcomed with the images and description of Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong. Marjorie was described as the most beautiful girl in town, she was alluring, and that she was extremely intelligent. However, people have also described her as intense, manipulative, and Devious. Marjorie had everyone wrapped around her finger because she was so likeable, anyone wouldn’t mind doing anything for her. Since she was so good with getting what she wanted that leads us to our main subject, Brian Wells.


Brian Wells was a pizza delivery man that was known for being a kind soul. Of course he had his skeletons in his closet like his occasional prostitute visits. However the day Brian Wells was delivering pizza to an unknown location started this journey. He was taken by some criminals, one of them being Marjorie. They strapped a collar bomb on his neck and he was given elaborate instructions to rob a bank. WIth these instructions, was a list of tasks that needed to be done. For each task he would be closer to taking off his bomb collar.


 After robbing the bank the police caught him on the street and confiscated the money, with the police surrounding him they saw that Brian Wells had the bomb strap to him and immediately retracted from Wells and aimed from every angle. Brian Wells sitting calmly and composed on the floor handcuff began to get frantic when the beeping of the bomb began to beep at a rapid pace. Wells asks to help him take it off and says that he was forced into this. Moments later the bomb detonated. Wells had to be decapitated to remove the bomb collar for evidence. Later said there was a call from a Bill Rothstein, he mentions Marjorie diehl and he says that she has murder her fiance and he is dead in the freezer.

-Come back for part 2-