Colton Vibe – Songs of the Week – Apr. 14, 2023

Myles is back and he’s taking a day-by-day look at the artists to watch out for at this year’s Coachella


J. Dollins

The 2023 Festival is finally here, featuring KAYTRANADA, Bad Bunny, Rosalía, BLACKPINK, Björk, and Frank Ocean.

It’s the middle of April, which for music lovers is the beginning of festival season. Time to gear up for a summer packed with outrageous lineups, crazy celebrity sightings, tour rumors, and incredible performances.

For the next two weekends, Indio will be at the center of popular culture with the return of the annual Coachella Music & Arts Festival. Since 1999, Coachella has grown into the most prominent music festival on earth, attracting pretty much every important artist across rock, indie, R&B, EDM, and rap.

This year brings something new. It’s the first year Coachella’s YouTube feed will broadcast all artist sets from each stage. It’s also a year of first time headliners to returns from artists we love, let’s take a look at it day-by-day and highlight two artists you should watch out for.

So, put on your sunglasses, make sure you’re hydrated, and get ready, cause it’s Coachella time!



KAYTRAMINÉ—“4EVA” (feat. Pharrell Williams) 

From his announced collab album with Portland rapper AMINÉ, to his many underground sets, KAYTRANADA can more than steal the show. The Haitian-born DJ is known for great sets, especially his sizzling boiler room set and Coachella 2019 performance. KAY brings a good time with him no matter where he is performing.

On May 12, KAY and AMINE are combining forces to become KAYTRAMINÉ with the release of their album. If the lead single “4EVA” is any indicator, this is going to dominate the summer.

“4EVA” has that signature KAYTRANADA style which mixes perfectly with AMINÉ’s laid back delivery. Alongside a Pharrell feature and production credit, it’s the perfect song for summer. 

With the album on its way, I wouldn’t be surprised if a KAYTRANADA set turned into a surprise KAYTRAMINÉ appearance with some new music. 


Bad Bunny—“La Canción” (feat. J Balvin)

2022 was a crazy year for the 29-year-old Puerto Rican native: a sold out stadium tour across North America, a number one album and multiple Grammy wins.

The Friday night headlining is just another accolade to add to his monster year. 

While it’s unlikely you don’t already know about him, Bad Bunny’s set is one to post up for. The elaborate stage presence from his world outer will for sure be elevated on the Coachella main stage. Along with being a first time headliner, Bad Bunny is also the first Puerto Rican native to headline Coachella. 

“La Canción” is from Bunny’s 2019 album with J Balvin, “Oasis.” Knowing Bad Bunny, I expect him to bring out some major guest stars on the main stage. If we’re lucky, J will be one of them.




Performing at back-to-back Cocahellas is pretty rare. Building off the hype from her 2022 set, Rosalía is back. 

“Chicken Teriyaki” may sound like an odd name for a song, but looking deeper it still makes no sense. Rosalía speaks in broken Spanish with some words not even making sense. It almost sounds like something out of a video game.

Her music is perfect for hot live shows with the stage exploding in light and sound and dance. Rosalía has a strong stage presence, and “Chicken Teriyaki” gives her the opportunity to show it off. 


BLACKPINK—“Pink Venom”

Being the first of anything is a monumental accomplishment in itself, but to go from a side stage to headliner is something only a few can boast. 

With a fandom like BLACKPINK’s, them being pushed to be headliners does not surprise me. In 2019 they were the first female K-Pop band to perform at an American festival. This year they will be the first Korean group to headline Coachella. 

Although fairly new to BLACKPINK, having only seen them in 2019, one song stands out to me: “Pink Venom.”

“Pink Venom” mashes together many well-known songs from the last 20 years in American pop music. From Rihanna’s “Pon de Replay” to the sound of Major Lazer, BLACKPINK knows how to appeal to their audience. The so-called “Queens of K-Pop” are set to take the Coachella stage at 9pm with a set bigger and better than their 2019 set



Björk—“Human Behavior”

Björk is a Coachella Valley staple at this point, with 2023 marking her 3rd appearance at the festival. In 2002 Björk became the first woman ever to headline the festival alongside British rockers Oasis. Following that, in 2007 she would headline again alongside Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

For the uninitiated, the Icelandic performer is best known for her experimental music, provocative fashion sense, and eccentric personality. Her music crosses over a number of genres, unified by the her unique vocals, which sound as though she is singing to you from some portal to the past.

On “Human Behavior,” from her 1993 album “Debut” (ironically her first solo album), Björk shows off her wailing vocals, insightful lyrics, and unusual approach to songwriting that always leaves you breathless with its endless creativity.

Although she is not headlining this year, Björk still plans to go big. On her Twitter account she revealed a setlist spanning across her 10 albums accompanied by a live orchestra. What seems to be set as an elegant, yet emotional journey through her discog, Björk never disappoints with her Coachella performances.


Frank Ocean—“nostalgia,ULTRA.”

Eight long years since his last album, six long years since his last performance, and three long years since any new music . . . Frank Ocean has been sorely missed. It is no surprise them that he is Coachella’s crown jewel this year, the main spectacle, the reason people have taken to calling this year’s festival “Frankella.”

From the many fake setlists, to sights of an orange BMW M3 E30 around Coachella Valley, Sunday can’t come any sooner. With no hints of what will happen come 10 pm on the main stage, fans are speculating as per usual. If I had to hope for one song to be played it would be the entirety of “nostalgia,ULTRA,” Frank’s 2011 debut mixtape.

All signs are pointing to a wide release of Frank’s acclaimed mixtape on streaming services. If (hopefully not) no new music was announced, this would be the next big thing. Fans have been clamoring for a release of “nostalgia,ULTRA,” but with compilations with samples this has been nothing but a dream. Either way, I’m excited for Frank to take the stage after so many years.