Colton Vibe – Songs of the Week – Sept. 7

The Weeknd is on tour right now, and our new Vibe scribe Isabella is ready to walk you through some of his best deep cuts


J. Dollins

The Weeknd may have recently lost his voice, but in this week’s Vibe, Isabella shows his various sides.

I’m sure you heard about what happened last weekend to the Weeknd. If you didn’t let’s recap:

On Saturday night at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, the Weeknd lost his voice during the first song of the night, “Alone Again.” He fought through three more tracks before calling the show off.

Although the Weeknd had to cut his performance short, we can still blast some of his deepest cuts to find those wonderful gems to make up for the lost setlist.


“Best Friend” — Dawn FM

One of the Weeknd’s defining qualities is that he is capable of making being a douchebag sound so alluring. On “Best Friend,” one of the standouts from his most recent album, he’s all about a friend with benefits relationship because he seems like he doesn’t want to commit. It doesn’t seem to matter what she wants, but that’s alright, because as long as his voice sounds this seductive and the beats this catchy, what the Weeknd wants, the Weeknd gets.

“I Was Never There” — My Dear Melancholy

When it comes to heartbreak, the Weeknd gets it. This song really brings out the sad side about the man he is talking about. Once you get into the song, the man he’swas talking about is himself. This song really hammers home how much the end of this relationship destroyed him.

“Shameless” — Beauty Behind the Madness

Unlike his other songs, this one shows the sweet, caring side of The Weeknd. The relationship he’s singing about was a toxic one. When it was over, it wasn’t really over—they wanted to be together all the time. The Weeknd however says that he will still be there for her. Most of his songs are talking down on women, making himself the center of attention. I’m glad he has a song that shows he’s not 100% selfish. 

“Sidewalks” — Starboy

“Sidewalks” was a really fun song to listen to. Kendrick Lamar had a cameo in this song, adding a pleasant ring. The Weeknd talks about where he grew up, how he grew up, what happened that made him how he is. It’s not very detailed, but it’s clear he didn’t have the best living situation before his superstardom. I think that the Weeknd might be onto something, sending out this aspirational message to all those living as he did—that they can grow up and eventually get out of that toxic environment and embrace hope.

“Hardest To Love” — After Hours

Breaking up can affect people in a lot of ways. This song talks about his ex-lover not wanting to let him go after being together for a while. He mentions they had some good times together, but when it started to go downhill, he just wasn’t feeling it anymore. Him wanting her to let him go but it’s hard for her, even after everything that was wrong with him, she still wants to be with him. It really shows that some people have so much love to give, except they’re giving it to the wrong person.