Identical twin brothers share disturbing secrets, trauma in heartbreaking Netflix documentary “Tell Me Who I Am”


In the Netflix documentary “Tell Me Who I Am,” brothers Marcus and Alex Lewis uncover their shared past as Marcus reveals long held secrets.

Imagine having power over someone. Someone you loved.

At age 19, Marcus Lewis was given this power. His twin brother, Alex, was in a motorcycle accident which took away all of his memories, even the most painful ones. The only thing Alex remembered was Marcus’ face—the face of his identical twin brother.

Marcus was given the choice to either help his brother, whom he loved so much, remember all the horrible things he had gone through as a kid, or play god and instill false memories.

Marcus chose to rebuild his brother’s life, but what happens after Alex finds out? 

The 2019 Netflix documentary “Tell Me Who I Am” is a disturbing, honest, raw, and very real movie about the secrets and trauma between these brothers. It brings the Lewis brothers together in a studio setting to confront for the first time Marcus’ secrets and choices as he tried to give Alex the life they never had. 

What is special about this movie is how unfiltered it is—it’s just two men, Alex and Marcus, telling their story. And it is a surprising, heartbreaking story about trauma, guilt, identity, and regret. 

However, it plays like a suspense thriller, packed with tense moments of psychological drama. This movie keeps you intrigued with every little detail slowly coming to light as the brothers reveal what happened in their life.

As “Tell Me Who I Am” winds down, it leaves a few unanswered questions, and feels a little rushed at the end. 

All in all, this movie is a must watch. It is not for the light hearted, though. The story includes graphic details related to child sexual abuse. Expect to get choked up.