3 reasons the new “Gossip Girl” doesn’t compare to the OG


The 2021 “Gossip Girl” attempts to update the WB’s 2006 classic. It fails.

Yajaira Alvarado, Pepper Bough Staff Writer

Did anyone really ask for the new “Gossip Girl”? “Gossip Girl” (2007) was at its peak with its authentic chic look, organic storyline, and unforgettable characters.

The new “Gossip Girl” on HBO Max is . . . well, how do I put this . . . inauthentic and try-hard. Here are 3 reasons why the new “Gossip Girl” just doesn’t compare to the OG.

Reason # 1: The writers try too hard

The OG “Gossip Girl” is one of those shows you can’t stop watching. The storylines were organic and natural. Everything fell into place: the drama, love triangles, the fashion and more. It was and is . . . iconic.

The new “Gossip Girl” tries to make it seem iconic, but it just isn’t. The show is aesthetically pleasing, but it never feels right. There is no chemistry between the characters and most of their problems are too unrealistic.

Reason # 2: The writers don’t know what they are doing

The original “Gossip Girl” show didn’t reveal the identity of Gossip Girl until the very end of the series. By then everybody had different answers to who she or he might be. In the new series, Gossip Girl is the teacher. That’s it. There’s no suspense or excitement. The teachers want to put the students in their place by spending more time invading their personal lives than grading papers. When they reveal that the teachers are Gossip Girl, what will the point even be for the show?

Reason # 3: Dull wardrobe

If anyone’s seen the original “Gossip Girl,” they know most of the fashion choices were the best of the era. I say most because no one can explain what the heck Chuck Bass was wearing in season 1.

Anyways, the new “Gossip Girl” has great fashion sense and style, but they are only following trends, not setting them. In a few years people will look back and think “what was she wearing?” The OG’s wardrobe is timeless and authentic.

“Gossip Girl” 2007 and 2021 are currently streaming on HBO Max.