Album Review – ‘Life Support’ by Madison Beer

Celeste Segura, Reporter

    Madison Beer’s debut album ‘Life Support’ was released February 25th, 2021. The album has 16 songs including an intro which totals 17 songs on the album. 

    Madison had released 3 of her songs on the album including ‘Selfish’, ‘Baby’, and ‘Boys**t’ a couple months prior to her album release. ‘Life Support’ is currently number 2 on the iTunes album charts as of February 26th.

    The album tells a story of heartbreak and getting over heartbreak, which most of the listeners of her album can relate to. One of my favorite songs off the album was ‘Selfish’, the song is all about getting over a break and realizing that the person you were with wasn’t the right person and was selfish and could never change who they were. 

    Overall I highly recommend listening to ‘Life Support’. It’s an amazing album that many people can relate to.