What’s New to Netflix

Kevin Gonzalez, Reporter

    This month there will be a lot of good movies and shows coming to Netflix. Some new things already added to netflix are a few anime’s and shows such as; ‘Demon Slayer’ which is worth a watch, ‘Disenchantment’ season 3, a new movie called ‘Finding Ohana’, ‘Space Sweeper’ – a movie about a team of debris chasers finding a 7 year old girl inside their recently picked up trash then realize that it’s a robotic weapon made to look like that, ‘Outside the Wire’ – a movie about drone pilot and a robotic soldier, ‘Monster Call’, and ‘Malcolm and Marie’ a drama starring Zendaya and John David Washington.

    Coming later these week is the movie ‘War Dogs’ starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, ‘Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan’ – an anime that I’m personally interested in, it’s a spinoff of the popular anime ‘JOJO Bizarre Adventures’, ‘Animals on the Loose a You vs Wild’ – an interactive movie where you choose the decisions, similar to the ‘Bandersnatch’ movie. These are just some of the new shows and movies coming this month to Netflix.