Series Review – Cobra Kai Season 3

Kevin Gonzalez, Reporter

    The third season of Cobra Kai is out now and my overall score of the season was a 6 out of 10. 

    The reason I personally feel like it wasn’t as good as the other two seasons is because it didn’t really focus on the students as much as the other seasons. This season mainly focused on Kreese and his past as a Vietnam soldier and why his mental state is a bit questionable. 

    It was interesting at first but then got less interesting over the span of episodes. The final episode also felt a lot like season 2’s ending with the fight scene between Miyagi Dojo and Cobra Kai at the school. However, this season now Johnny left Cobra Kai to start Eagle Fang Karate with the dismissed members of Cobra Kai. 

    The final fight was against the Eagle Fang Karate and Miyagi Dojo vs Cobra Kai who broke into Larusso’s house when it was only the students at home. 

    Overall, it was a good season just, not as good as the first two – the fourth season has already been announced which we hope for the all valley tournament to be part of the big fight for season 4.