Series Review – Bridgerton


Celeste Segura, Reporter

    The show Bridgerton is a Netflix Original with one of the highest ratings. The show was amazing, it has drama and romance – not only did it have drama and romance it also had mystery. 

    The show was about and set in  the 1800s period, where the highest of families would go to various social events to find suitors for their daughters. One of those highest families being the Bridgerton family. The oldest daughter finding a suitor was a hard task for her,  due to her older brother being protective. 

    When meeting the Queen, she was considered the diamond of the season. So, many suitors were at her calling but none were good enough until the Duke of Hastings came and Daphne Bridgerton created a plan to find her a proper suitor. However, the plan failed and they ended up falling for each other. 

    The show is great but is Rated R due to some suggestive scenes, other than that, I highly recommend the show.