Dead By Daylight Disables Core Killer Mechanic For Weekend Testing

Armando Pablo, Reporter

    Dead By Daylight has been skyrocketing since 2015 when it was released. Now it’s become a mass media horror sensation that is cross platform for many gaming systems. It is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where one player is assigned the role of a brutal killer and the other four players are Survivors. The killer’s objective is to sacrifice survivors on hooks before the survivors tasks are complete. On the other hand, a survivor’s objective is to start generators in order to escape the trail. There are multiple survivors and killers set with a group of three helpful perks that change how the game can be played. Some perks consist of healing others, running faster for brief periods of time, or even being alerted when the killer is facing your direction. 

    In recent light, Dead By Daylight has recently conducted an experiment in which they will disable handicap for killers during game play. The handicap also known as “Bloodlust” helps killers speed up to reach the survivor they are chasing. However, although all killers are a lot faster than survivors, it’s still hard sometimes to catch up to players who have an immense distance between you. Bloodlust is one of the key mechanics at the killer’s disposal. The test was based mostly on gathering data to determine effectiveness whether or not it is worth keeping or getting rid of.

    I spent the weekend playing the game to see how different the game play was. During the first match it was kinda complicated to work without Bloodlust, but it varied most of the time. There is no doubt that Bloodlust makes an impact but it varies on; what perks you are using, which character you are playing as, or your rank. The con of having Bloodlust is the killers are faster than survivors but when killers are chasing survivors for 10 to 15 seconds they tear up and Bloodlust. Killers only get Bloodlust when the killer keeps missing or hasn’t hit a survivor yet while in the chase.