Documentary Review – In Wonder


Celeste Segura, Reporter

    The documentary ‘In Wonder’  by Shawn Mendes is about the journey Shawn Mendes has been through to get to the place he is in now. He talked about growing up in Canada and making YouTube covers, Vines, and telling his friends and family that he wants to pursue a career in music and become an artist. He received unhesitant amounts of support.

     He also talks about writing music, he talks about his girlfriend and said she is like his muse. Before they dated he wrote about her and even know he continues to write about the love he feels for her. He also goes over the struggles he went through and fears he has about his career. Overall this documentary is very heartfelt and amazing. I highly recommend it. It is a Netflix original but it’s worth it, it’s a great documentary about Shawn Mendes and really shows who he truly is as a person and not just a pop star.