Movie Review – Sightless


Celeste Segura, Reporter

    Sightless starring Madaline Petsch is a thriller with some drama. The movie follows Ellen, the main character, and the conflict of her losing her sight in a vicious attack. She can’t tell the difference between what’s real and reality. The film had many twists throughout which made it more intriguing to watch. 

    Alexander Koch who also played an important role as Clayton, pulled the entire film together with his character, Ellen’s character really tied it all together. The entire cast was amazing but Petsch and Koch did an amazing job and brought these characters to life. I loved the movie and I highly recommend it. 

    The film does not clarify if it’s Rated R or not but I personally think it might be PG-13 because of language that only came up twice or so. Sigthless is available on Amazon Prime YouTube Premium.