Melanie Martinez K-12 Part l Review – part 1

Armando Pablo

Melanie Martinez’s recently released an album titled K-12, but what is part one about? Melanie Martinez is an artist that gained a lot of attention in 2012 when she was featured in the popular contesting show, The Voice. 

She then went on to releasing music under her music persona “Crybaby”. Dollhouse was her debut single along with her debut album, Crybaby. Some of her most popular songs consist of, “Mad Hatter”, “Sippy Cup”, “Mrs. Potato Head”, and “Pacify Her”. Melanie Martinez is known for being aesthetically pleasing with her music videos and wardrobe concepts, wearing clothing with a dark edgy twist. 


Her recent release K-12, is about Crybaby going to a sleepaway school and embarks on a mission to take down the oppressive schooling system. However, while attempting to take down the system she runs into more issues. The first song on the album is “Wheels On The Bus” and I know what you’re thinking, the happy nursery rhyme song, but I have to apologize for bursting your bubble by saying this isn’t the case. In this song the main lyric in the chorus is “I know the driver sees it, I know he’s peeking in the rearview mirror. He says nothing”. In this part she explains what people don’t see when the parents or guardian figures aren’t around. This immediately caused the audience to look into the deeper meaning of the album. 


Our second song is “The Principal” In this song, the main verse is “Sneaky, greedy, money seeking, Always peeping, f– creeping”. This song explains our corrupt school system and how principals that use their students for money, take advantage of their students. The third song, “Show and Tell”, tells us the works behind the screen. It goes into detail with the main verse, “Show and tell I’m on display for all you to see, Buy and sell (Buy and sell me, baby) Like I’m a product to society”. It shows how famous people are just products of their company or label that are only used for entertainment and nothing more.