Horizon: Zero Dawn Game Review

Horizon: Zero Dawn Game Review

David Sanchez

  “Horizon: Zero Dawn” is a big open world game with lots to do and explore. You play as Aloy, a girl who was an outcast of her tribe in a world overrun by machines. The story starts off as Aloy tryin to pass the proving in order to be accepted by her tribe, Nora. After beating the trial is where things get interesting for the story and a little of Alloys’ past is uncovered.


     If you just focus on nothing but the story it’s a twenty hour long game, but if you want to see everything this game is easily around sixty hours. The machines that are a huge part of the game are mostly animal based, some look like horses while others look like big birds, crocodiles and even T-Rexs. You hunt monsters down to either gather resources to craft more useful items like better weaponry to take down tougher enemies like the storm bird, a gigantic machine bird that attacks in many different ways like throwing ice. 


      Most of the side missions are usually really cool and interesting like retrieving a spear a hunter lost and she wants it back because it was a gift made by her mother, who had passed away. Most quests are pretty rewarding; the one previously mentioned gives you a spear upgrade that powers up your spear. The weapons that you can use are pretty limited but do have some variety in them like the three different bow types. One bow is for pure damage while one is more of a sniping, one that tears off the armor plating of the machines, and the last usually is used for elemental arrows like ice and electricity that some machines are weak to.


      It’s not just machines who want to stop you, you also have to fight bandits who also use range, making them difficult if they have corrupted machines with them who fight for them. Luckily, you can also take control of most machines to help fight with you and you can even ride some of them. If you want a fun open world game with plenty of action, I recommend “Horizon: Zero Dawn”.