Halloween in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Halloween in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Samantha Jimenez

It’s that time of year again, even though Halloween may be cancelled thanks to COVID-19 it can still be celebrated with the help of Animal Crossing New Horizons latest update that came out on September 30th.


Now when you think of Halloween what might be the first thing to come to your mind? Candy! Luckily for us you can buy candy at Nook’s Cranny once per day. You can give to your villagers on Halloween day between five P.M. to midnight outside of Resident Services in their own costumes and will give you a new reaction called haunt. You will also find Jack the Czar of Halloween there as well! 


Another important thing about this Halloween update is that you can also buy pumpkins from Nook’s Cranny which you can grow into pumpkins and make Halloween themed D.I.Y furniture although you can buy the furniture at Nook’s Cranny you have to make the furniture if you want to customize it. With the pumpkins you can get any of the four different colors they come in which are orange, yellow, green and monochrome. It is important to note that when customizing your Halloween furniture instead of using customization kits you have to use different colored pumpkins like for example if I wanted to customize yellow furniture to green then I would need green pumpkins.


Next up for Halloween in Animal Crossing is making your costume! With the new update new hairstyles, skin and eye colors are available! You can also head over to the Able Sisters and buy Halloween themed clothing to make your ghastly costume!